Hi there I am Veronica,

Let me introduce myself so you can get to know me a little better and understand why this blog.

My name is Veronica and I am the middle child of my family. My grandmother used to call me “china” because of my curly hair.

I was born and raised in a beautiful city down in Mexico. Where my grandparents were migrants from San Luis Potosi, a beautiful state to visit and where they grew up working in the fields.  

When they migrated my grandfather learned to prepare and bake what we now know as Artisan bread, but back then I guess it was just plain and simple bread.

I would visit my grandparent’s house and I would listen to “adult conversations” about the time he ( my grandpa) used to make the bread and sell it, they even had to adapt their house to fit a brick oven, 2 kitchens, and living spaces for the whole family.

Listening to the stories was something I loved because in my head I could feel the heat of the oven, punch the dough, talk to people and seel the bread to families while walking the streets of the neighborhood.

The almost present.

As the time passed by, I grew up and forgot that beautiful part of my childhood until the moment my son was about to turn 1. I’ve always loved to make crafts and bake. So when my coworker said his wife knew how to decorate cakes, and that she would be glad to show me the basics I said, SURE, I want to do it .

So this lady took the time to share with me what she knew, out of the kindness of her heart. That was just the very first step I took into cake decorating.

12 years after and many online classes and of course youtube,  I can say I am a self thought cake decorator with a passion for cakes and an even bigger passion to share with other what God has given me thru other people sharing their experiences and techniques.

I have found that baking and cake decorating can lead you to many interesting places, they help to shape and build your character. I want people to feel confident with their skills so they can too share their knowledge, passion and love to this big family we all are in.

The Lord gives in abundance, so we need to give to others so we can keep on receiving from Him.

So please stick around and share it with others.

Questions, comments? drop me a line.