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Buttercream Ruffles Cake

Behind The Cake ~ How to make buttercream ruffles

How to make a Buttercream Ruffle Cake.

Ruffles on a cake look so pretty, there’s no doubt about that. And more if you pair it with a clean smooth cake on top. Ruffles make me happy, they are festive like tutus. Yes, I love tuts as much as little girls love them.

This cake I made it for a client’s daughter. It was her first birthday and the theme was pink gold and white. The only thing the client asked me was to use those three colors.

Behind The Cake ~How ot make buttercream ruffles.

The buttercream:

To start I used the easiest meringue buttercream. In reality, it is the easiest I have made and so far I am loving it. For a long time, I have been using the SMBC swiss meringue buttercream which works and tastes beautifully. I just thought this decoration would be easier to achieve with the no heat meringue buttercream.

Basically, you need a stiff consistency frosting.

The materials.

    • a crumb coated cake obviously
    • piping bag
    • tip 104 (rose tip)
    • napkins
    • lots of buttercream (1 recipe of the easiest meringue buttercream should be enough).


Behind The Cake ~ Easiest meringue buttercream recipe. Buttercream using egg whites from carton, powder sugar, butter and vanilla.


Making the ruffles.

This is the fun part, like in any other cake project. I am using tip #104 from Wilton. I fill up my piping bag and to start making the ruffles I have to place the tip perpendicular to the cake. Let me see if I can make it more simple. The thicker part of the tip will be at 90° from the side of the cake. I did try to decorate the cake at a lower angle but the ruffles would come out like “fat”  and not defined.

I did this in sections, started the first section at the bottom making sure to cover the cake board. Then I went back to the beginning and started a second row. Then I realized that I could keep on going up and to the sides to complete one section of the cake from bottom up.

I did follow the same process until I completed the whole cake.

A tip, do not use the buttercream when it has turned warm. If you do that the buttercream will be pretty much melted and the ruffles will not be defined and pretty. Empty out your piping bag and refill with fresh buttercream.

On the video, you can see how I did decorate the cake.

Hope it helps!



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