Buttercream Ruffles Cake

Behind The Cake ~ How to make buttercream ruffles

How to make a Buttercream Ruffle Cake. Ruffles on a cake look so pretty, there’s no doubt about that. And more if you pair it with a clean smooth cake on top. Ruffles make me happy, they are festive like tutus. Yes, I love tuts as much as little girls love them. This cake I made it for a client’s daughter. It…

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Funfetti Cake

Behind The Cake ~ Confetti Cake recipe and step by step tutorial

Confetti cake, also known as Funfetti cake! My intention for this cake was to provide an easy, fun to make and great looking cake, for anyone to make and for any occasion. My kids loved the idea of the cake batter having little colorful “lines”. And to a certain extent I was excited too, I mean I had never had…

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Giant Cupcake / How to make a big cupcake

Behind the Cake ~ Giant Cupcake Cake - How to make a big cupcake step by step

The Giant Cupcake Cake I am showing you how I did a giant cupcake for my nice, with no special molds. Giant cupcakes became a big thing some time back. As a matter of fact, you can still see them around for little kids’ birthday parties or as a smash cake. So my niece was turning one, and her birthday…

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Unicorn Cupcakes

Behind The Cake ~ How to make unicorn cupcakes / easy cute unicorn cupcakes tutorial

Oh my word, unicorn cupcakes! Have you seen those cuties? Three months ago, I was excited about making unicorn cupcakes for my nice’s daughter’s birthday. After some deep thinking my niece decided to make only one birthday party for two of her kids so no unicorn cupcakes were needed anymore. Which is fine I would’ve done the same. In fact…

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