Giant Cupcake / How to make a big cupcake

Behind the Cake ~ Giant Cupcake Cake - How to make a big cupcake step by step

The Giant Cupcake Cake I am showing you how I did a giant cupcake for my nice, with no special molds. Giant cupcakes became a big thing some time back. As a matter of fact, you can still see them around for little kids’ birthday parties or as a smash cake. So my niece was turning one, and her birthday…

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Unicorn Cupcakes

Behind The Cake ~ How to make unicorn cupcakes / easy cute unicorn cupcakes tutorial

Oh my word, unicorn cupcakes! Have you seen those cuties? Three months ago, I was excited about making unicorn cupcakes for my nice’s daughter’s birthday. After some deep thinking my niece decided to make only one birthday party for two of her kids so no unicorn cupcakes were needed anymore. Which is fine I would’ve done the same. In fact…

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Easy Easter Cupcakes

Behind The Cake ~ Easy Easter chocolate bunny cupcake, Easter cupcakes ideas and how to make easy Easter cupcakes

How fun it is to make cupcakes with your kids. Baking and decorating Easter cupcakes bring the family together. My kids where so happy when I asked if they wanted to make cupcakes. My little princess was so anxious and kept on asking me if it was time to start baking. The idea behind these cupcakes is to keep it…

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Best-Ever Carrot cake recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting

Behind the Cake ~ Pastel de zanahoria con piña

Best-Ever Carrot cake recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting I bet you have known carrot cake pretty much since you were born. And that is because it has been around for centuries now, there is even a carrot cake recipe dating November 25, 1783. This carrot cake was served to George Washington according to  Molly O’Neill on her book New York Cookbook (1992). I grew…

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How to make Halloween cupcakes

Behind the Cake~ Easy Halloween cupcakes

Let’s make some cute Halloween cupcakes! Your kids would love making these Halloween cupcakes, I am sure of it. If you have small kids you will relate easily to what I am about to say, and if you are like me, you would know that it is hard to decide on what cute little costume to get for your kids.…

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Easy Pistachio Cake from scratch

Behind the Cake~ Pistachio cake recipe from scratch

Pistachio? …. pistachio cake? Having a green kind of looking cake when I was a kid, was not the most appealing thing to eat as a dessert. I remember one time my parents took us to buy some ice cream,  ya’now.. ice cream and a mile walk to the square plaza were more like a Friday night tradition for us.…

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