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Christmas Cake Collaboration

Christmas Cake Collaboration

Christmas Cake Collaboration

This Christmas Cake Collaboration started because I see a lot of talented caker in the group every day.

Sometimes it is difficult to get out of our comfort zone, even to design cakes. I asked in the group who would like to be part of a Christmas cake collaboration and quite a few replied to me saying they would love to be part of it.

The first step was do decide the what, when, how and who would actually go through the whole process. In my mind this was a perfect time to challenge the members to come up with their own cake design by just giving them some “rules” and datelines. Part of the challenge was to include new cake decorating techniques. This way at the end the members would have accomplish something good and new to them.

The Flavors and Color Pallet

Members had to choose a cake flavor ( other than the traditional vanilla), and pick the color pallet they would be using.

These were the flavors I suggested:

  1. Peppermint
  2. Butterscotch
  3. Bourbon
  4. Eggnog
  5. Cranberry
  6. Orange
  7. White chocolate

Then, we took the color palettes from this pretty Christmas Inspired Color Palettes from

Once they picked the flavor and colors we started working on the dateline.

They had exactly 4 weeks to complete the project.

The first week they had to define the flavor, color and find some inspiration.

The second week was to find the new technique to be included in their project.

Third and fourth week was the time to make the actual cake, decorate it and take pictures. During the four weeks this group of amazing ladies helped each other with resources but the beauty of it was the encouragement and the community they built.

It has been one of the most rewarding things I have been part of.  To see each of them challenge themselves and come through with a beautiful project.

Some of the members had “real life constrains” with sick babies, no electricity or running out of patience. But at the end, they all were grateful of the collaboration because they enjoyed the process and learned to be kind and patient with themselves.

I personally loved and enjoyed every step of the process of the cake collaboration. Thank you to all of you beautiful ladies for being part of it, I am blessed to have met you.

They are shown in no specific order, they all are so beautiful. There is a little bio of the artist and the links where you can find more about them and perhaps leave them a nice comment for their great work.  Hope you enjoy.


Alisha Barlow

Winter Wonderland

Alisha Barlow is my name, I live in Draper Utah.
I had a blast making this cake, I learned some new techniques along the way which I can’t wait to try again on other cakes.
It’s a white velvet cake with eggnog mousse. Yummy!

I found inspiration in nature and cable knit sweaters of course!

Sweet Tooth Cakery  @AlishaBarlowSTC

IG: @sugar_artist22


Kylie Fraedrich

FB page: Cakes By Kylie

My name is Kylie and I am a stay at home mom of three boys in East Lansing, Michigan. I began decorating cakes a little over a year ago because my oldest son asked for a super hero cake for his birthday. Bought an edible image online, and slapped it right on a cake that was still iced in a 9×13 pan. That cake made his eyes light up….. but I knew I could do better.

This year, I made him a volcano cake that erupted in smoke with dinosaurs on it and I couldn’t wait to see the reaction. Three kids ages five and under keep me on my toes currently, but when they are a bit older I would love to continue this hobby to make other kids (and kids at heart) happy.

This collaboration was a chance for me to do a cake that was more geared toward adults. I STRUGGLED.

Didn’t realize how in kid mode my brain always is. I feel like I ended up with a cake that balanced that kid mode a little more than erupting volcanoes; however, I learned that I need more adult time after working on this cake! Life lessons through caking.

The cake is a white chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, crushed candy canes, and a white chocolate peppermint buttercream between the layers. My favorite holiday candy is the Ghirardelli peppermint bark squares, so I heavily relied on that for inspiration.


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Behind the cake - Pink fondant penguin figurine cake topper


Fiona Estey

FB Page:


Fiona began her cake baking journey last year, after being gifted a cake decorating set.

It quickly turned into a passion, making cakes every moment she had free time! Soon enough, orders started rolling in, and now Fiona Cakes is preparing to open its doors as a home bakery.

Her cake flavor is Eggnog white chocolate cake.


Analiz Bracho

Instagram: @sin_fondant

My name is Analiz Bracho and I’m a hobby baker living in Houston, Tx.

I bake only for family and friends and get inspiration from other bakers on Instagram.

This year I opened an Instagram account to show my work and document my progress. The account is @sin_fondant which is Spanish for “without fondant” or how my family pointed out it is also English for “fondant is a sin” ?. Sorry fondant lovers, I promise it is not personal.

For this collaboration I decided to challenge myself by using white chocolate as the main flavor of the cake and also use it for the decorations.

The color pallet was snowy Christmas. It was my first time tempering chocolate and as challenging as it was, I must say I learned a lot in the process. Thank you Veronica and all the other bakers in the collaboration for all your support and encouragement. I know I still have room for improvement but loved doing this cake and I’m happy with the result.

Moreover, I’m happy with having found this community of bakers that share a passion and are always willing to help others. Can’t wait to see everyone’s work. Happy Holidays! ♥️

Alanna James

The Baker’s Wife

The Baker’s Wife has come about after lots of months of putting my graphic and web design skills to use with fondant and icing!
What started as a fun birthday present for my not-so-little sister has turned into a passion that I enjoy putting my spare hours into.
With the support of my family, I have decided to begin developing more skills in cake decorating and take on orders for family and friends!
Now The Baker’s Wife is born – my husband better not change jobs!

This is a Gluten and Dairy Free butterscotch, white chocolate mudcake, covered in gluten and dairy free buttercream and meringues.

Leanna Ames

FB Page: Cakes by Leanna

IG: @_a.little.sweetness_

My name is Leanna Ames and I live in Puyallup WA. Love making yummy cake to share with people but more so I love decorating them.

I bake from scratch and my favorite is a nice dark chocolate cake. Started by making my kids birthday cakes because I felt like being creative and trying something new. I instantly loved it and wanted to see what I could create next.

It kinda stuck and now I have just started my own business, A Little Sweetness and hope to have it up and running soon!

I chose this color pallet for this cake because when thinking of Christmas I always go back to the warm classic Christmas colors I have always grown up with.

The flavor is chocolate cake, Oreo buttercream and white chocolate ganache checkered inside. I tried something new to me for the decorating by “painting” with pallet knives using white chocolate ganache.

I wanted to give the cake a rustic look but still be kind of fancy.


Nikita Joshi

FB page :

My name is Nikita Joshi. I am from Pune,India. An Engineer by qualification but a baker by profession. I love baking and cake decorating since many years. Specially talking about decorating a cake then I love fondant decorations the most. And detailing in fondant decorations.

I have baked a butterscotch flavored sponge cake. It is filled with butterscotch flavored whipped cream and caramel sauce. It is frosted with dark chocolate ganache. Then I covered it with white fondant. Used gel food colors for painting which diluted with vodka.

Thank you all for taking the time to create this post and read it.

Hope to see you in the group.



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