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How to make a reindeer cake for Christmas

How to make a reindeer cake for Christmas

It is almost a year since I started a new adventure in my life, y’know just to keep it interesting.

It was mid November and most caker suffer from a rare condition and I “suffer” from it too, this “condition” is to create videos about how to decorate cakes. And I had no idea where to start. Well as a good youtube costumer I started by searching videos on how to do so, and I stumbled upon this gorgeous girl showing how to record videos for youtube using your phone, watched the video and … boom I was sold!

Sunny Lenarduzzi is her name. I really liked her channel because of all the great information she provides, so I hit the subscribe button, check out more of her videos, like her facebook page and watch every one of her new videos every week. That is that.

The following year around March I would say, she posted a new video like every other week and the title was: ” Pressing Pause: Reflect, Reevaluate and Reset.” where she explained that she was going to hit pause in her YT channel.  So no more videos for a while.



Behind the cake - Cake decorated with fondant as a reindeer cake with molded antlers and red nose



By October she was back with more video tutorials and with a brand new course called YouTube 4 Bosses. Part of her marketing strategy was a series of live videos on facebook giving just a couple of tips and of course what you were going to find inside the course.


What happened with the course?

So I went for it and registered, I saw it as my birthday present. Hooray, happy birthday for me!

I had the course, I had the enthusiasm, I had the tools to create a video but had no time during the first two weeks of December. Christmas comes around and during that break I start making a couple of video tutorials, with my phone obviously and little tripod ( I thought I had expensive equipment o_o) .

But Christmas was over, no one watches Christmas anything videos after the 25th of December.

I had the footage, I had to learn how to edit the video and use all the tools of the course so…nah,  what the heck! I”ll just upload it and it will be ready for next year( Way to think, right!). Anyways it got some views, about 45 tops and went to the bottom of the list.

So it is going to be my YT birthday pretty soon, and Christmas season is here again, so guess what….it is going to the top of the list again!  😀

Where am I at right now?

And I guess you already realized, I decided to go and learn something new this year…..yes, you guessed it , how to blog O~O . Y’know, just to keep it interesting. Hence this post.


If you love Christmas and you want to make a Christmas cake wreath check this post.


Words of wisdom:

Never assume that loud is strong and quite is weak!


~ Vero 


Here are a couple of the things I used to make this cake: