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How to make a cute little ghost cake

Cute little ghost cake

Willie the cute little ghost cake

Back in the day and in my native country Halloween was not a very popular celebration. As a matter of fact, it was kind of prohibited to even think about dressing up as a cute little witch or a cute little ghost or go trick or treating.

behind the cake~ How to make a ghost cake - Halloween cake ideas


Now that I moved to the US and have kids, we do dress up and go trick or treating and the kids love it, not only ’cause the candy they get  and we pass around but because they see a bunch of kids walking around the neighborhood. Seriously a bunch of kids and those who are no so kids walk around the neighborhood, I would say we had giving as much as 700 candies on Halloween, and we only give one candy per person.

Ok, so since Halloween is a very popular tradition here I wanted to create kind like a series of cakes with the different characters used in Halloween and the very first one that came to mind was a ghost….ya’now cute little ghost dressed up as a vampire.

This cake was made using an amazing chocolate chip cake, buttercream, fondant and some patient.


behind the cake~ How to make a ghost cake - Halloween cake ideas

What’s in the video?

In the video I show you the steps on how to prepare the cake dough as well as how to carve and ice the cake. An finally I show how to cover the cake in fondant and how to make the decorations to achieve this good lookin’ guy.

So for this coming Halloween which actually will be the first time I make videos and a blog post on a more consistent and “professional” manner I want to make a series of cake and this cute little ghost is the very first one.

After October I will be posting videos about fall and if you are interested on doing the very trendy unicorn cake check this one out.

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Have a good one and keep up the good work!


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