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Easy Pistachio Cake from scratch

Behind the Cake~ Pistachio cake recipe from scratch

Pistachio? …. pistachio cake?

Having a green kind of looking cake when I was a kid, was not the most appealing thing to eat as a dessert.

I remember one time my parents took us to buy some ice cream,  ya’now.. ice cream and a mile walk to the square plaza were more like a Friday night tradition for us.

I would get so excited on the ice cream, what kid would not get excited thinking of a big delicious cone full of blueberry cheesecake ice cream…men, now that I think of it, that would explain why I used to have such a hard time falling asleep Friday’s nights….

ehind the Cake~ Pistachio cake recipe from scratch


Getting to the plaza, was like winning the lottery, it was a ginormous playground for me and my sisters. I can still see myself standing in the middle of the plaza with my eyes big…wide…open.

You could feel the breeze, run without fear, see the vendors ( I would always ask my parents to get me a fancy shiny balloon aka helium balloon, and rent electrical car toys to cruise around the plaza. Those electric cars would make me feel like the most important / richest kid in the plaza lol.

While we would play my parents would sit down, chat and finish their ice cream cone.

One of those nights my mom got the green, funny looking ice cream  and as a good mother offered me some, she said to me “Pruebala esta bien rica, es de pistacho” translation : “Try it, it is so good, it is Pistachio.”

It was sweet, but the taste was not all that. After all what can you expect of an 8 year old girl who loves all sweet things but doesn’t like nuts.

“Just one lick, mom” I said to my mother. One lick is all it took for me to swear not to eat pistachios ever again in my life.


Behind the cake. White buttercream frosted pistachio cake with fresh flowers

Change of mind.

No so much that my mind changed, but my taste buds. Apparently, they change every 7 years, how about that?

What I like the most about this cake recipe is the texture, the flavor and the crunchiness the pistachios’ pieces give to this cake.

You would think at first the texture would be kind of dry and “hard”. On the contrary, it is a very tender cake that can be used to carve or to use it on tiered cakes or just to enjoy one afternoon.

I totally understand if But pistachios are not for everyone, perhaps you would enjoy a vanilla cake

To frost the cake you can use Swiss meringue buttercream which is a fantastic option due to its flavor consistency and fluffy texture.

Now in this video tutorial, you will find how I made the cake but also how I decorated the cake with a rustic texture and how I added fresh flowers.

Warning! this is one of the videos I ever made so it is long if you want to see how to decorate the cake but if nor, well the recipe is not that long.

So If you want to see the cake making part you will find it at the beginning of the video.



Oh wait a second, you are looking for the recipe…well here it is.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions drop me a line in the comment sections below.

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Behind the Cake~ Pistachio cake recipe from scratch
Pistachio cake recipe from scratch. Decorated with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and fresh flowers.