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Fault Line Cakes


Fault Line Cakes are the new trend in the cake world.

This new Fault Line Cakes trend is going viral in social media.

By looking at these fault line cakes I understand why is going viral. The first time I saw this new trend was on one of the cake groups I am a member of. The tiger cake catches your attention right away due to the sprinkle pointillism Susie. The artist shares the sprinkle pointillism technique she used to create the image of the tiger.  The hibiscus and the leaves really complete the whole look for this fault line cake.

Cake by: @Susiemakes



Cake by: The Cake Barn

This is a very fresh fault line cake don’t you think? It is so interesting how they used the lemons and how the buttercream was stenciled. The shades of yellow and green contrast so freshly with the bright white buttercream.


Cake by: The Cake Barn


Great looking and I am sure great tasting fault line cake.  This cake features Oreo cookies and chocolate drip

Patriotic fault line cake

This is the fault line cake I made. I used a Independence day theme.

Incorporated the fault line cake style and the horizontal buttercream lines.




Cake by: Tracy-Anne Hirst  of DreamcatcherCakesbyTracyAnne


Cake by : The Lovely Baker

Stunning black and gold cake. This cake has a tutorial on how to make the whole thing. The rough edge, plus the bees and the beehive make it look very organic.


Cake by : The Lovely Baker


Cake by: Cakes By The Lake

The colors and the geometric shapes add a touch of glam to this fault line cake.The matching colors of the sprinkles and the chocolate strokes, the macarons and gold cake toppers bring together the fun yet sober  look of the cake.



Cake by: @maris_sol_cakes

This is a fun one with the colors, flowers and gold leaf. I think the black lines makes it pop even more.



Cakes by @loveleighscakery

The water color for the next fault line cakes make these cake pop with color and fun. The top details like the macaron, meringue cookies or the seashells balance the decoration line catching your eye for a symmetric fun cake.







Now here is the video of the sprinkle pointillism technique used by @susiemakes and how the black and gold bee cakes was made.