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How to make a fondant penguin for Christmas

Behind the cake - Pink fondant penguin figurine cake topper

How to make a fondant penguin for Christmas

During Christmas season you find the most beautiful things everywhere you go, I can spend hours pinning on Pinterest. So many cute ideas to try, and at the end of the season I make none pretty much, lol.

Please don’t judge me, Pinterest is like an entire whole world of its own.

You start by browsing at party ideas for your child’s next birthday. The one which name you don’t even remember because you have more than 2 kids.

And at the end you just forget all of their names. So call them like “hey you Charlie, I mean Karla, I mean you the one with the blue T-shirt”.

After an hour on Pinterest, you end up looking at school lesson plans ( and you are not even a teacher).


Behind the cake - Pink fondant penguin figurine cake topper



And if you go to the big hobby store, forget it! Your family will not find you!

An hour later you have seen so many ideas and items you want to buy, just to realize your pocket would hurt so much if you just give into temptation.

I mean…..there is not like a hobby/craft hell or jail…… but there is just way too many crafts temptations.

I can’t resist!

When I see little cute winter dressed animals I cannot resist to look at them and go ” aaawww, It is so pretty!”

And if you are a caker, your mind starts building the internal structure for a cake, or figuring out how to model your next cake topper using the winter dressed animal you just saw.



Last week I was looking at some Christmas decorations on my phone and the cutest penguin appeared in my screen, I had to show it to my little girl and she had the same reaction as I did.

We both smiled and I said “I have to make a penguin cake topper”.



Behind the cake - Pink fondant penguin figurine cake topper



I am sure it could be use to decorate some Christmas cupcakes too if I make it a little bit smaller.

My little girl and myself were so happy and pleased with how it turned out with the gold finishes, and how easy it was to make, just like the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer cake I made last year.

To be honest with you I was kind of afraid to make the pink penguin tutorial since I tried to make a horse one time and if you would have seen it, you would think it was a Picasso sculpture (nothing against it….lets say it is just not my style). At the end I am happy with it….it is so cute!


Word of encouragement:

“To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek Him the greatest adventure; to find Him, the greatest human achievement”           -St Augustine-

You take care,

~ Vero



And the same video but in Spanish!