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How to make Halloween cupcakes

Behind the Cake~ Easy Halloween cupcakes

Let’s make some cute Halloween cupcakes!

Your kids would love making these Halloween cupcakes, I am sure of it.

If you have small kids you will relate easily to what I am about to say, and if you are like me, you would know that it is hard to decide on what cute little costume to get for your kids.

Nowadays, there are just way too many: unicorn, hulk, Minnie mouse, Elsa, Spider-Man….you name it.

Same happened when trying to decide what characters to use for the next Halloween cake video series I was going to make ( That sounds like I am a big television company lol). It did cross my mind too make Halloween Fudge like my friend Brenda since she makes it look so yummy and easy to make.

I had made Pearl the pumpkin and Willie the Dracula Ghost,  I just wanted to make a cake for each of the classic characters!

So I am making a couple of the Halloween character in cupcakes, yeeeeyyyy!!!!

Two ghosts, Jack Skellington, Candy Corn (I am not crazy about candy corn, to be honest, the “dough”  sticks to my teeth and I can still feel it 30 minutes after I ate it) a tomb, a witch hat, and a few others.

Behind the cake - Halloween cupcakes decorated with buttercream
Witch Hat.

I have seen very cute witch hat cupcakes that use black colorant ( that is clever to do) but I like to complicate my life every so often o_o …… how does chocolate sound to you?

Behind the Cake~ Easy Halloween cupcakes

Mmmmmm, chocolate!

The ice cream cone was cut short and dipped in ( more like painted ) melted chocolate. I absolutely loved this idea because I love the Nestle ice cream cones that have chocolate at the bottom of the cone. That is like the last pieces of comfort and the most delicious part.

My favorite, The Mummy.

Behind the Cake~ Easy Halloween cupcakes


Isn’t it the cutest?  and one of the easiest ones, if not the easiest.

Just two colors of buttercream: black and white, three tips: tip # 12, 47 & 2. They are so easy that I might make some more with my little kids and let them fully decorate them, that way we will have cupcakes and a great time together as a family.


Behind the Cake~ Easy Halloween cupcakes

Behind the Cake ~ Halloween cupcakes decorated with buttercream


Why cupcakes?

Cupcakes are easier and faster to make…..and to pass around, just put them where the kids can reach them and you will see, not even crumb will be left on the table.

I guess you know what I am talking about……you will find the cupcake liners under the bed a week later with the crumbs hardened up. If I ask who ate a cupcake in the room  I am sure I am going to hear ” not me, it was him” and their fingers start pointing at each other.

For me, cupcakes are a great option because like I said before the time they take to make is just a fraction of what a cake would. Plus, I can share them easily, and I just skip using extra utensils and plates. (Fewer dishes to clean Mama!).

Since I know looking at ideas is addictive and so rewarding at the same time, here are some more ideas on Halloween cupcakes,  just click here. or click here for 21 ideas

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You take care and make someone smile today