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Valentines Day Tree of Hearts

Behind the cake - Valentines Day Cake Tree of hearts

How to make a Valentines Day Tree of Hearts

About two years ago, talking with my sister about home decor and diy’s she mentioned she had found a very creative lady over on youtube who shared techniques on how to paint with acrylics.

The shared techniques were easy to follow, so easy that I would be able to recreate one of those painting. So my sister did.

My sister used those techniques to create some amazing wall decor and soon after, her kids bedrooms were all decorated so nicely that I wanted to sleep there. And her restroom had a very relaxing mood thanks to the color palette she chose.

She has a good eye for designing, home decorating and photography.

Behind the cake - Valentines Day Cake Tree of hearts


The lady posted a video on how to paint a beautiful tree during fall season on a windy day. You could see the leaves following a very well synchronized patter leaded by the fall winds.

I still have the tree image in my head…so beautiful. So I thought maybe I can make a cake with the same concept, after all I just need a bunch of hearts to make a Valentines Day Tree of Hearts.

What I used

So I needed my canvas, which in this case it was a Vanilla Cake covered in white fondant. It can be any other color I just like plain simple white.

You could use gel colors but I find them way too thick for coloring over fondant, plus they take longer to dry. On the contrary, airbrush colors dry fast and the intensity is pretty good if I am not mistaken the brand I used is chefmaster.

Also, I used a thin brush (don’t use your kids’ painting brushes), some colored fondant (to white fondant add gel colors) and a tiny heart-shaped cutter.

Lastly, I started to glue the little hearts to the cake using pipping gel but since I had it in the fringe before decorating, after a while the fondant became tacky and I was able to attach the hearts without using an edible glue.

Behind the cake - Valentines Day Cake Tree of hearts


Freehand it

It is just a tree, so freehand it, anyway trees come in all shapes and sizes, plus it makes it look more organic. Just make sure to use enough paint to trace the tree branches and make sure it does not bleed anywhere else.


Behind the cake - Valentines Day Cake Tree of hearts


If you need an awesome recipe to make an Awesome Vanilla Cake from scratch, I have one for you here.

Since this cake is one of the simplest cakes to make, there is not so much explanation to make.

Anyway, if you have a question please leave a comment and will answer it to the best of my abilities.

Imagine the same cake concept but instead of hearts, circles, or stars…that would be nice!


Words of wisdom: 

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”  Proverbs 11:2


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