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How to make a Dia de los Muertos Cake

Behind the cake-Cake covered in black fondant with a sugar skull face painted in watercolors with sugar flowers

So making a Dia de los Muertos cake sounds a fun way to contribute to this celebration…even though there is a recipe for Pan de Muerto  which tastes like oranges. A simple decorated cake sounds more appealing to me.

What I remember about the Dia de los Muertos.

It is mid October, I would walk down on one of the main pedestrian streets of the city , I could see businesses, schools and homes setting up Dia de Muertos altars.

There was no way I could miss taking a glance at the altars displaying colorful flowers and decorations.  In a week it would be November 1st, Dia de los Santos ( All Saint’s Day) and the next day November 2nd  is Dia de los Fieles  Difuntos ( All Souls Day).

The altars are made to remember and pray for all those who have passed away. Even though it sound like a sad ” celebration” people would be happy to remember their loved ones.

The altar:

Like I was saying, the altars are very colorful and the people in charge of making the altar uses different elements such as : “papel picado”, mainly cemazuchitl flowers  (Mexican marigold), pictures of the beloved deceased, fruits, the food the deceased use to eat when alive, toys, candles, sugar skulls and a Crucifix.

Don’t think for a moment the food would go bad…oh no!  everyone would seat down and eat like if at a big party. You can see and hear stories about the life of the deceased, things they used to say and do. It is a special celebration.


Behind the cake-Cake covered in black fondant with a sugar skull face painted in watercolors with sugar flowers


Visiting the cemetery

Starting a week before the streets along the cemetery start filling up with flower vendors, food stands, people selling rosaries, candles and prayer books. It becomes just a river of people visiting their loved ones tombs, spend some time in family and drop flowers for them.

You could see this go on maybe a week later from November 2nd.

Lately I have seen lots of tutorials on how to do a dia de los muertos make up, coloring pages, movies like The Book of Life and this year new movie  Coco.

Do you like coloring books?

Well, adding the color to the face was like coloring a color book, so much fun doing this part…I actually had to stop just because I had no more room to add lines and colors to the face. I should try face painting some day…. (°-°).

So to make the face I used a piece of white fondant, cut the shape of a skull and draw the lines to define the face features but let me show you in the video.

This cake can be used as a Halloween cake too just like the pumpkin or the ghost cakes… you have options..


If you have any questions drop me a line and Ill answer.

Bye now, may God bless you,

take care and make someone smile!