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How to make a Halloween pumpkin cake

cute halloween pumpkin cake

As the day gets closer the excitement of my kids grows and more since they got to see how to make a Halloween pumpkin cake first hand.

Sometimes I think they are so used to watching mom make cakes that it means nothing to them. OOOhhh but wait, their love for that spongy sweet flour thing does not grow boring.

It is like they are patrolling the kitchen counters to confiscate any unnecessary cake leftovers. I wish they would do the same with the dishes… how come they don’t go like  “oh, there is a duty cup lets make sure it is not duty no more, put it in jail (aka dish washer) and make sure it does not get out until it has a clean bottom”

I guess then we parents would have nothing to worry about in life. Yeah right, wishful thinking.

Making up my mind.

Ok,back to the pumpkin.

We, my son and I were debating whether to make a scary pumpkin cake or a cute one so we went with the cute one as you can see by the picture, I even added a cute little pink bow at the end and it looked very cute but you know, there are times you are just not photogenic and that happened to this cute pumpkin cake, it was not its best day so no bow after all.



cute halloween pumpkin cake
Halloween pumpkin cake.


As I do pretty much on all my cakes I used Swiss Meringue Buttercream but this time I added some nutella to make it a Nutella Swiss Meringue Buttercream…..ok, that sounds so sexy and prohibited ;).

It was so good that for a moment I thought it was a sin to eat it.

Thank the Lord for amazing food, taste and of course the beauty of life.

Do you want to see how I did it?

Ok, here is the video on how I decorated this cake, and since I think you are about to click this video I want to say thank you for reading and run to Walmart or Target and look for a fun costume to wear on Halloween (If you can find any, I mean 3 weeks before and there is none left).

Until then,