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Vanilla Cake Recipe from Scratch

Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe

How to make the best vanilla cake from scratch

Is it from scratch?

That is a question I have heard so many times in the 12+ years I have been making cakes.

My answer to that sometimes was YES, of course; but the majority of times I would bake a cake the answer would be a big NO.

And to a certain point, there was some shame to answer that question with a no. After all, I was a “professional caker” on my clients’ eyes.

Being honest, I don’t see anything wrong with decorating cakes from a store-bought cake mix. Decorating cakes is a true talent and to a point, it is independent from the kind of cake you are using.

But baking from scratch has its pros, like having a perfect texture and density. Here are the 5 reasons why I bake from scratch (this is coming soon!).


Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe

Are you scared?

After a couple of years I had tried so many “from scratch” recipes, I even bought The Cake Bible which is an amazing book and has some really good recipes.

It’s just that I never made the time to read and practice those amazing recipes, well maybe twice.

I had been disappointed time overtime looking for the perfect recipe that would make my baking more natural, organic, more from scratch.

I have heard that in order to find the best recipe for you, you would have to play with different recipes. More like a trial and error game, and I was not willing to “waste” any more butter or eggs. I know….you don win if you don’t risk….

One day someone said in a fb group, if you want to charge more for your cakes you have to provide quality cakes, starting with a from scratch cake (which makes sense in my head, if only I had the recipe of the perfect vanilla cake).


Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe


Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe

The best vanilla cake from scratch

One day I just felt like baking a cake that would satisfy my need to find the perfect cake, a cake that would surpass my expectation in flavor and texture, one that I could use every time I needed to bake a cake.

SO I tried a couple of recipes and they all were good, but not the best….I am talking the best one for me. So I had to experiment with a couple of those recipes and finally, I got to the perfect one for me, we are a match!

When I tried the cake was like an aaaaahh moment, I could see a light coming down from heaven…no kidding ūüėõ . The flavor was simply amazing.

A new chapter opened up in my cake decorating notebook, ready to be filled up with from scratch recipes. And I am ready to share them with you so you don’t waste more eggs and butter.

Finding The ONE perfect for me took some trial and error but it was well spent time and ingredients.


Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe


I love it because…

What I love the most about this recipe aside of the rich vanilla flavor, is the crumb. Soft, rich, moist crumb are among the qualities of this cake. It is perfect to use with any frosting like a Swiss Meringue Buttercream, ganache or fondant.

Because let me tell ‘ya, it holds the weight of buttercream and fondant pretty well.

Another thing I love about it is that it can be custom made to any other flavor, this is like a base cake for any of your favorite flavors. Get creative!

In case you want to avoid using whole eggs as my recipe calls (use egg whites only) or check this recipe out, it is made with only egg whites and it is a great one!


Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe


Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe


Words of wisdom:

Marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than you so they won’t eat all of yours…….it actually works!



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Here is a list of the main items I use to bake my cakes.

Baking Pans  Magic Line  brand  or the Wilton brand