How To Make French Macarons

Behind the cake - colorful french macarons filled with buttercream.


How to make French Macarons.

Last June I went to a wedding expo and my oh my , I was able to see these little cookies with such amazing colors, of course it was not the first time I had seen them , but it was the first time I tried them and oh men I completely fell in love with these French Macarons.

I was at the expo as a vendor, so I was not able to move from my booth. Since you get to try  cakes, cookies, pastries and mini dessert table items this was my opportunity to try one of this little soon to be my best friend ( oh yes I ate my new friend)  I  was almost wishing people would not go and check the french macaron booth…..I wanted some for me. I know, I know, I can go and buy some at their shop …but I was already there.

Well at the end of the event we all try arduously to get rid of all our samples , so I figure they would be giving out some macarons.

I was among the first ones lol. I could resist the temptation, (I even felt my body starting to burn!).

I grabbed the raspberry flavored french macaron and I couldn’t believe how tasty and delicious it was. It was like a cute flavor mini bomb.

So here I am, making theme at home. Trying out different recipes and of course I have to be the judge; If my kids forget to eat one (o_o)…….

The only regret I have is that I make small batches just to test and when finally I got them right I got to try only like three of them.

You can see in the video I had my friend Luisa over to my house and she helped me to make some, well she and her husband loved the so much I had to give them more for the next day. I have to call her and see if we can make some more, enjoy a cup of coffee and a good laugh.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll see you on the next one.


200 grm powdered sugar

136 grm almond meal

136 grm caster sugar

4 egg whites

2 drops of prefered flavoring

Gel color

Buttercream for filling.

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In this video I show you how to make french macarons.