Unicorn Cupcakes

Behind The Cake ~ How to make unicorn cupcakes / easy cute unicorn cupcakes tutorial

Oh my word, unicorn cupcakes! Have you seen those cuties? Three months ago, I was excited about making unicorn cupcakes for my nice’s daughter’s birthday. After some deep thinking my niece decided to make only one birthday party for two of her kids so no unicorn cupcakes were needed anymore. Which is fine I would’ve done the same. In fact…

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Easy Easter Cupcakes

Behind The Cake ~ Easy Easter chocolate bunny cupcake, Easter cupcakes ideas and how to make easy Easter cupcakes

How fun it is to make cupcakes with your kids. Baking and decorating Easter cupcakes bring the family together. My kids where so happy when I asked if they wanted to make cupcakes. My little princess was so anxious and kept on asking me if it was time to start baking. The idea behind these cupcakes is to keep it…

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Easter Bunny Cake

Behind the Cake~ Easter Bunny cake tutorial/ How to make an Easter Bunny cake

How to make an Easter Bunny Cake Ohhh spring! Every year enjoying spring is one of the things I look to after the new year. The smells, the colorful scenery, and the weather are my top 3 favorite spring things. The new blooms, everything turning green and flowers everywhere are a good reminder that after the winter in our life,…

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Strawberry Reduction / Strawberry Sauce

Behind the Cake ~ This is a strawberry reduction recipe made from fresh strawberries.

Strawberry reduction is used in so many different ways, and I had no clue. Until a couple of years ago I learned how to make a reduction. Thanks to that, my ability to make different cake and buttercream flavors turned to the better. The simple steps to follow and the few ingredients used, make it possible for anyone to make…

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Vanilla Cake Recipe from Scratch

Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe

How to make the best vanilla cake from scratch Is it from scratch? That is a question I have heard so many times in the 12+ years I have been making cakes. My answer to that sometimes was YES, of course; but the majority of times I would bake a cake the answer would be a big NO. And to…

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Swiss Meringue Buttercream ~SMBC

Behind the cake - Perfect Swiss meringue buttercream recipe from scratch.

Swiss meringue buttercream is addictive! In a good sense, this thing is addictive, have you tried  Swiss meringue buttercream aka SMBC ? When I started decorating cakes back in the day, all I knew was American ButterCream (ABC) and I had to make it myself. And since I was making cakes under the Texas Cottage Law any other kind of frosting…

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Perfect Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Behind the cake - Swiss meringue buttercream recipe from scratch.

Print Perfect Swiss Meringue Buttercream Make a perfect Swiss meringue buttercream to fill and frost your cakes. This recipe is perfect to create different flavors of buttercream for fillings and to get sharp edges on your cakes. Course Dessert Cuisine Frosting Prep Time 25 minutes Cook Time 12 minutes Total Time 37 minutes Servings 1 8 inch 2 layered cake…

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Geode Cake / How to make a Geode Heart Cake

Behind the cake - Geode cake , geode heart cake how to

I had no idea how in the world geode cakes were made or what to think about them. It looked kind of awkward to me, but the different shades of purple and the crystal look got me intrigued.  Rachel Teufel is the cake artist who created the cake I am talking about. Here is a class she offers on the geode cakes.…

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Valentines Day Tree of Hearts

Behind the cake - Valentines Day Cake Tree of hearts

How to make a Valentines Day Tree of Hearts About two years ago, talking with my sister about home decor and diy’s she mentioned she had found a very creative lady over on youtube who shared techniques on how to paint with acrylics. The shared techniques were easy to follow, so easy that I would be able to recreate one…

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How to make a Cream Tart / Pate Sucree

Behind the cake - Cream tart Lemon cream cheese tart recipe.

Cream Tart As I am scrolling down my news feed a beautiful image caught my attention. It is kind of a cake with lots of colorful fruits and flowers and the shape – not a typical round cake shape but a number. So I stopped to look, trying to figure out what it was.As I look closer I noticed it…

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