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How to LEVEL CAKES evenly

Behind the Cake~ How to level Cakes

How to level cakes. Leveling cakes are one of the most important steps before you start decorating your cakes. Doing so will save you some headaches and frustrations. Here are the whys, the methods and the tools used to level and torte cakes evenly. Why’s Some of the reasons why cakes need to be level are: To remove the crust or…

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5 common mistakes when starting a cake business

Behind the cake ~ five mistakes when starting cake business

5 common mistakes when starting a cake business To talk about mistakes is not always easy, but sharing my experiences so you don’t make the same mistakes I think is worth. Three years of experience decorating cakes as my side hustle made me feel confident. Level cakes, add crumb coat, ice and decorate cakes to look very pretty was easy…

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Basic Buttercream

Basic Buttercream Rich, delicious and easy to make a basic buttercream. 1 Cup unsalted butter (room temp.) 3 to 4 Cups Powder Sugar 1 Tbsp Vanilla extract 1 Tbsp Whole Milk (If needed to adjust consistancy) In a clean bowl, cream the butter until pale color. Add powder sugar and mix together until smooth. Add the vanilla extract until well…

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Behind the Cake ~ Chocolate ganache recipe for cakes step by step video tutorial

How to make Ganache for cake decorating? I had that question about 5 years ago. So many beautiful cakes with those super defined sharp edges. I got a mission. The mission was to find out how in the world those sharp edges were achivable. After searching for quite some time, I found a Youtube video on how to make it.…

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