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Rainbow Unicorn Cake / How to make a unicorn cake

Behind the cake- Unicorn cake, how to make a unicorn cake

How to make a unicorn cake

Unicorns cakes are for sure a hit with little girls….and moms.

They are so beautiful and whimsical, full of color and character.

I have had the opportunity to make a couple of them and let me tell’ya I am beyond of excited when I make them.

The very first unicorn cake I had to make was one exactly like the one in the picture. The difference was just the color of the horn, the other one was gold.

Since then I have made about 5 more, one of them was a 2 tier cake (see it below). Now I would like to make one with wings (I could use some wafer paper).


rainbow unicorn cake


Now if you use a vanilla cake you can easily customize the color inside to match with your favorite color. One think I do suggest is to use white coloring to make the other color to pop up.


What about the horn?

The horn, ears and eyes can be made ahead of time, perhaps on a weekend, so by the time you need them they are dry and ready to…well, be used.

Behind the cake- Unicorn cake, how to make a unicorn cake


Use a long skewer to secure the horn to the cake, and to attach the fondant to the skewer use piping gel. The last unicorn cake I made the horn was made differently, I use only one piece of fondant. You do roll it out the same as in the video, just thicker and insert the skewer right in the middle. Make the indentations with a cone tool or the back of a knife. (Just be careful with the knife).

Apply the color just as shown in the video and you are good to go.


Behind the cake- Unicorn cake, how to make a unicorn cake



So my next step would be to make unicorn cupcakes, that would be like making miniature cakes 🙂


Words of wisdom:

It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.  I think this quote is pretty good :p !



I will see you on the next one!