Chocolate Skulls Cake

Looking for a Halloween cake idea or perhaps one to impress a girl on her birthday? It was for a client’s girlfriend. Gotta say, they were into motorcycles, as a matter of fact they both worked at a Harley Davidson dealership. The logistics were pretty simple, one tier chocolate cake, covered in ganache and add each of the skulls. To…

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How to make a stack of pancakes cake

Pancake cake with butter, blueberries and bacon

How to make a stack of pancakes cake Pancakes for breakfast, sure. What if you get a stack of pancakes cake, wouldn’t that be awesome? This cake is perfect to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, don’t you think? The first time I made one, was to celebrate my husband’s birthday some time back. Friends and family enjoyed the…

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Fault Line Cakes

Fault Line Cakes are the new trend in the cake world. This new Fault Line Cakes trend is going viral in social media. By looking at these fault line cakes I understand why is going viral. The first time I saw this new trend was on one of the cake groups I am a member of. The tiger cake catches…

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Cake Decorating Tools for Beginners

  Cake Decorating Tools for Beginners You are starting cake decorating and when you go to the store to buy basic tools, there are just way too many of them. You easily get overwhelmed and want to start buying everything they sell for cake decorating. Well, DON’T. That happened to me, I bought more than tools that what I really…

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5 Buttercream Types

Buttercream Having a good cake or cupcake is the base for a good dessert. Now adding the frosting, in this case, the buttercream can transform a good cake to a great dessert in my opinion. What I love the most about buttercream is how versatile it is. You can add purees, flavoring, spices, color and at the end you have…

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Buttercream Ruffles Cake

Behind The Cake ~ How to make buttercream ruffles

How to make a Buttercream Ruffle Cake. Ruffles on a cake look so pretty, there’s no doubt about that. And more if you pair it with a clean smooth cake on top. Ruffles make me happy, they are festive like tutus. Yes, I love tuts as much as little girls love them. This cake I made it for a client’s daughter. It…

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Easiest Meringue Buttercream

Behind The Cake ~ Easiest meringue buttercream recipe. Buttercream using egg whites from carton, powder sugar, butter and vanilla.

Actually, this is the easiest Meringue Buttercream to make.   I love Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It is my go-to buttercream when frosting a cake.It is a smooth full of flavor buttercream and it is very versatile too. I use in my cakes but also on macarons, t is a perfect filling. Now, the following buttercream recipe is inspired on Lauren…

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How to LEVEL CAKES evenly

Behind the Cake~ How to level Cakes

How to level cakes. Leveling cakes are one of the most important steps before you start decorating your cakes. Doing so will save you some headaches and frustrations. Here are the whys, the methods and the tools used to level and torte cakes evenly. Why’s Some of the reasons why cakes need to be level are: To remove the crust or…

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5 common mistakes when starting a cake business

Behind the cake ~ five mistakes when starting cake business

5 common mistakes when starting a cake business To talk about mistakes is not always easy, but sharing my experiences so you don’t make the same mistakes I think is worth. Three years of experience decorating cakes as my side hustle made me feel confident. Level cakes, add crumb coat, ice and decorate cakes to look very pretty was easy…

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Funfetti Cake

Behind The Cake ~ Confetti Cake recipe and step by step tutorial

Confetti cake, also known as Funfetti cake! My intention for this cake was to provide an easy, fun to make and great looking cake, for anyone to make and for any occasion. My kids loved the idea of the cake batter having little colorful “lines”. And to a certain extent I was excited too, I mean I had never had…

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