Christmas Cake Collaboration

Christmas Cake Collaboration

Christmas Cake Collaboration This Christmas Cake Collaboration started because I see a lot of talented caker in the group every day. Sometimes it is difficult to get out of our comfort zone, even to design cakes. I asked in the group who would like to be part of a Christmas cake collaboration and quite a few replied to me saying…

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How to make a stack of pancakes cake

Pancake cake with butter, blueberries and bacon

How to make a stack of pancakes cake Pancakes for breakfast, sure. What if you get a stack of pancakes cake, wouldn’t that be awesome? This cake is perfect to celebrate the birthday of a loved one, don’t you think? The first time I made one, was to celebrate my husband’s birthday some time back. Friends and family enjoyed the…

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Funfetti Cake

Behind The Cake ~ Confetti Cake recipe and step by step tutorial

Confetti cake, also known as Funfetti cake! My intention for this cake was to provide an easy, fun to make and great looking cake, for anyone to make and for any occasion. My kids loved the idea of the cake batter having little colorful “lines”. And to a certain extent I was excited too, I mean I had never had…

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Giant Cupcake / How to make a big cupcake

Behind the Cake ~ Giant Cupcake Cake - How to make a big cupcake step by step

The Giant Cupcake Cake I am showing you how I did a giant cupcake for my nice, with no special molds. Giant cupcakes became a big thing some time back. As a matter of fact, you can still see them around for little kids’ birthday parties or as a smash cake. So my niece was turning one, and her birthday…

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Easter Bunny Cake

Behind the Cake~ Easter Bunny cake tutorial/ How to make an Easter Bunny cake

How to make an Easter Bunny Cake Ohhh spring! Every year enjoying spring is one of the things I look to after the new year. The smells, the colorful scenery, and the weather are my top 3 favorite spring things. The new blooms, everything turning green and flowers everywhere are a good reminder that after the winter in our life,…

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Vanilla Cake Recipe from Scratch

Behind the cake- Vanilla cake from scratch recipe

How to make the best vanilla cake from scratch Is it from scratch? That is a question I have heard so many times in the 12+ years I have been making cakes. My answer to that sometimes was YES, of course; but the majority of times I would bake a cake the answer would be a big NO. And to…

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Geode Cake / How to make a Geode Heart Cake

Behind the cake - Geode cake , geode heart cake how to

I had no idea how in the world geode cakes were made or what to think about them. It looked kind of awkward to me, but the different shades of purple and the crystal look got me intrigued.  Rachel Teufel is the cake artist who created the cake I am talking about. Here is a class she offers on the geode cakes.…

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Best-Ever Carrot cake recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting

Behind the Cake ~ Pastel de zanahoria con piña

Best-Ever Carrot cake recipe with Cream Cheese Frosting I bet you have known carrot cake pretty much since you were born. And that is because it has been around for centuries now, there is even a carrot cake recipe dating November 25, 1783. This carrot cake was served to George Washington according to  Molly O’Neill on her book New York Cookbook (1992). I grew…

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How to make a Cranberry Apple Cake / Recipe

Behind the cake- Cranberry apple cake recipe frosted with brown sugar spice Swiss meringue with dripping caramel

Not into pumpkin? Let’s make Cranberry Apple cake then! I do like pumpkin, but since people start using it to cook and prepare deserts with it right around the end of September, by the time it is Thanksgiving day I am not thrilled to have food or dessert which the ingredient is pumpkin. Does this happen to you too? And the…

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Easy Pistachio Cake from scratch

Behind the Cake~ Pistachio cake recipe from scratch

Pistachio? …. pistachio cake? Having a green kind of looking cake when I was a kid, was not the most appealing thing to eat as a dessert. I remember one time my parents took us to buy some ice cream,  ya’now.. ice cream and a mile walk to the square plaza were more like a Friday night tradition for us.…

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